Category: 2023 Comics

  • The Plot

    The Plot

    A whole neighbourhood, including unexpected friends, realises how an empty city block can transform their lives.

  • Planting Mission

    Planting Mission

    It’s hot. Kiki and Luna come up with a brilliant plan to shade their bus stop. How hard can it be to plant one tree? Or many?

  • A Fiery Exchange

    A Fiery Exchange

    Fire is dangerous. Fire is regenerative. What if fire were used for the good of the planet instead of only being seen as a destructive force?

  • The Sound of a River

    The Sound of a River

    Monica wakes up to a flooded house. Can an Otter teach her the secret to preventing the river from drowning her town?

  • A Far-Sighted Fox

    A Far-Sighted Fox

    Concrete, heat, and pollution are driving his animal friends out of the city. Can a brave and innovative fox save the community in time?

  • Sinking Cities: Un Caffe’ in Venezia

    Sinking Cities: Un Caffe’ in Venezia

    Venice is sinking. On a day out, a wise Nonna and inquisitive granddaughter discuss saving their waterlogged home.

  • Tales of Hion

    Tales of Hion

    The Fae live in the Forest of Hion, tending the trees that protect them. But an old power threatens them. What will happen if it falls into the wrong hands?